Well, well, well…

What brings you here? A podcast you say? Odd… I remember the days of those. Wasn’t there a few people who use to talk a lot on this website? Hmm… who were they? Someone who had the name of.. eccca? Erca? Efca?

Psh… I can’t even remember.

And there was that other guy. Oh man, THAT GUY. He would go on about his instagram and twitter or whatever. I think it started with a V. No, wait. A B. YES.

B, fizzle. Wait.

B jizz… no. NEVERMIND.

B, rizz fo shiz?

Ok Ok.. let me close my eyes and rub my head as if this is hard to remember.

*doing the stated*









What happened to those guys?

They mentioned something to me. One dreary morning, between North Park and Golden Hill.

It was rainy, and I just couldn’t pay attention.

Something along the lines of life changes? Um, new ideas? New things to come?

Something like that.

I think Esca mentioned he recently moved to North Park, which I found sort of weird, considering he was a North County kind of guy for many many many many many years. Yes, THAT MANY.

He kinda mumbled on about how he sold his business, packed up his stuff and decided to bring his sorry booty down south.

… yeah. It’s coming back to me.


Word on the street is he built a new little studio room.



Word on the street is barely essential might turn into something a little bigger than it was.


I dunno.


What I was told, is that there’s no such thing as lost episodes. They’re all still saved. But those might not matter.

Dare I really say.. a disturbance in the force?


No.. that’s geeky.



Erick Esca

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