Episode 1 – The Reboot | Brandon Spills On Esca’s New Desk, Esca Reads Beer Reviews In Dumb Voices.

Episode 1Breathe out that sigh of relief, dust off those earbuds and pull out that rare IPA you’ve been saving for the special occasion that is the next episode of Barely Essential. Your favorite voices are here and so obliged to offer their banter and almost worth forgetting updates on your world, their world and everyone’s else’s. There is a catch, the boys would like to ask you to treat this as a reboot, a new approach to the whole vision that we first had. While they still hold the show with a certain jovial approach and hope their voices will be taken as nothing more than their own witty approach to the world and all it’s eccentricities, they want to offer you other options, all under the Barely Essential umbrella. There of course is more to understand on that front, in part on this new episode but fear not, listen up and receive the same satisfying outlet you’ve always had.

As Esca and Brandon reconvene together after a sporadical, at best schedule, they find their rhythm with Esca’s Beer reviews, Brandon’s Gingerly Advice, What Pisses You Off?, and the real life news that has seemingly become a fan favorite. So, we ask you, try this hat on, we’re sure it’ll fit and stay one of your favorites.

Enjoy it, and try to forget every second of it…we dare you.

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Brandon Vieyra

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