Episode 6 | A Milkbone Bandit, Poop stories and Can You Guess That American Idiom

Are you eating chocolate pudding? Well, stop. Because it’s important that you tune in to this episode of Barely Essential. Such a special gift, bestowed upon you. Tune in as Brandon and Esca tap into some very interesting questions, such as: “How can a man eat 3000 treats a day!?”, or, “Can I get high on coffee?” These questions are answered, and there’s so much more! So, tune in!
Man gets fired for stealing $30,000 worth of doggy biscuits
Taco Bell to sell alcholol
THC infused coffee
“Someone Did a Shit So Bad On a British Airways Plane That It Had to Turn Around and Come Back Again”
Big Story: Fox news station blurs out breasts on record-breaking Pablo Picasso artwork
Computers WILL take over humans in the next 100 years:

Brandon Vieyra

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