Episode 5 | Ridiculous Kickstarters, Another Mac Visit and Stories of Stupid Employees (Special Guest – Dave Burke)

Episode5It’s becoming an obsession now isn’t it? Every week you have a growing habit of checking in on the Barely Essential Podcast as it finds it’s way to the top of your favorite list. This week is not unlike any other in that the doods bring you fun articles, interesting banter and a couple of segments worth listening to over and over again. Listen as Brandon points out a few companies with unique Kickstarter ideas that are playing the odds for funding. Esca found some more articles for all of your enjoyment, you won’t want to miss it. So sit back, sit down, sit up, do whatever it is you do while you take in your weekly dose of Barely Essential.

  1. Zoo Caretaker Licks Monkey’s Butt To Help It Defecate
  2. Brewer Replaces Athletes’ Missing Teeth With Implants That Double as Bottle Openers
  3. Thieves steal 80 frozen pizzas, gobble up 5 and try to sell the rest to Alaska cops


This Weeks Beers:
IronSide Brewing Company – 51/50 IPA
Butchers Brewing – BreakFast Stout

Brandon Vieyra

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