Episode 15 | Gimme Sex Or Get a Nunchuck Beatdown & a Pantless Hero

Join us as we discuss a man who puts out candles with his farts, a lady who beats her husband with nunchucks and Japan’s new chocolate covered french fries. Yummy!

Here’s the links to today’s articles:

Man attempts for Guinness world record candle farting, only to find out there is no record.


Woman beats husband who refuses to have sex with her… with nunchucks.


Eighth grade students were asked if they were gay during in anti-bullying workshop


Gross? Scary? The Future? Scientist claims that he successfully transplanted a monkeys head to a new body


McDonalds in Japan plans on serving chocolate covered french fries.

Old news, but funny story. Daughter plays joke, mother takes it to the news unknowingly.

Erick Esca

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