Episode 14 | New Years w/ Kris White! + 400lb Bearded Woman.

Kris White

With only 12 min of the beginning of the show. :) Next time we’ll get it!

With Special Guest, Kris White!


KFC chicken in Japan for Christmas!? Um.. a bearded woman stabs a man who asks for cigarettes? What’s going on!? It’s Barely Essential with our buddy Kris White!

KFC For Christmas. A marketing campaign that swept Japan
San Diegan man dies after falling off a cliff, distracted by his electronic device
San Diego BEARDED woman stabs a man who asked for a cigarette
Woman arrested after fighting with husband who wouldn’t stop farting
Your drinking buddy is a robot!
20 year old girl shoots up meth, goes to wall-mart and drinks wine off the shelves.

Erick Esca

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