Episode 10 | Celebrating The Tens; Tight Jeans Are A Bad Idea; Condoms Detecting STI’s


The lovable duo, Brandon and Esca celebrate episode 10. We warn you not to wear tight jeans. Do you even care for your legs!? Condoms change color to warn you of STI’s, and a little gingerly advice.

Condoms that change color if you have an STI

Fetus found in a 92 year old woman

Man has nose sliced off after drunken party trick gone wrong


Skinny Jeans Will Land You In The Hospital… you hipsters.

Guy spends 6 years making a blanket.

Woman gets her hands super glued to her doorknob by some pranksters.

Brandon’s Gingerly Advice
5 Podcasts Worth Listening To
1. The Nerdist
This cast is for the listener that favors interview style podcasts.
2. Mystery Show
A weekly cast that has the listener following Starlee Kine, popular from her work on This American Life, on fun mystery cases brought to her by listeners or her everyday life and curiosity
3. Serial
Now finished with it’s first season, this cast is finite in that a new story/case is reviewed and revisited each season. Season 1 was surrounding the speculative evidence surrounding a 1999 murder case that resulted in a guilty finding by the jury. Evidence and witness testimonials paint a healthy amount of reasonable doubt, but as the season pushes on things end up confusing both the listener and host Sarah Koenig, leading to a hard and highly anticipated season finale.
4. Freakanomics
A podcast brought you by the authors of the book of the same name. It formulates ideas and concepts, situations and realities through an economists eye.

Erick Esca

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